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2230 Boulevard du Millénaire, suite 185 St-Basile-le-Grand
Montreal J3N 1T8
Distance: 0 miles
"Quel privilège d’avoir une équipe de vétérinaire aussi exceptionnelle à St-Basile. Ils sont passionnés, professionnels et offrent un service absolumen..."
5666 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal H4A 1W7
Distance: 0 miles
"We brought our 16 year old cat to Dr. Ollivier for 2 growths on her eyelids. We didn't consider getting them removed until they blocked her vision as ..."
6090 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal H4A 1Y1
Distance: 0 miles
"Cette requête est au sujet du décès de mon lapin, Bandit, suite à une administration du médicament Duplocillin LA par une injection sous cutanée.   Ba..."
2358 Rue Notre Dame Ouest
Montreal H3J 1N4
Distance: 0 miles
"2 oct. 2018 - J'ai rencontré la Dre Geneviève Courchesne avec mon chat "Monsieur Verdi" parce qu'il avait une dent qui était presque tombée. Clinique ..."
3453 Rue Robert Chevalier
Montreal H1A 3R7
Distance: 0 miles
"J'ai toujours eu un excellent service malgré 2 problèmes qui mon laisser perplexe."
5924 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal H4A 1X7
Distance: 0 miles
"He’s been our family’s vet for years, he is simply the very best there is. I recommend him to everyone!"
5725 Bossuet
Montreal H1M 2M7
Distance: 0 miles
"Dre Rachel Frenette est consciencieuse. Nous avons une très grande confiance en son expertise. Nos animaux ont pu bénéficier de ses bons soins dans le..."
2370 Avenue Charland
Montreal H1Z 1B7
Distance: 0 miles
"advantage of small office is personalized care at great prices. Most honest and knowledgeable Vet I have the pleasure to bring my pet to. Have been ..."
1205 Rue Ontario Est
Montreal H2L 1R4
Distance: 0 miles
"Very good vets !"
1306 Rue Beaubien Est
Montreal H2G 1K8
Distance: 0 miles
"My cat needs surgery and I decided to try there. They gave me an appointment fairly quick. Staff was extra nice and the vet really made sure to explai..."
2525 Rue Jean-Talon Est
Montreal H2A 1T6
Distance: 0 miles
"I brought my puppy to this vet for the very first time and i can only say good things about them. Super friendly staff, very patient veterinarian, ver..."
8569 Rue Hochelaga
Montreal H1L 2M2
Distance: 0 miles
"Excellent service !"
740 Rue Guy
Montreal H3J 1T4
Distance: 0 miles
"Went here with my new puppy, kind vet who obviously loves animals"
4000 Avenue de Lorimier
Montreal H2K 3X7
Distance: 0 miles
"I went there for an emergency for my old dog while traveling and they were just amazing ! Thank you to this wounderfull team!"
5178 Rue Beaubien Est
Montreal H1T 1W1
Distance: 0 miles
"I decided to change veterinarian due to the fact that where I was going they were not very compassionate when it came to you or your pets. I decided t..."
2320 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est
Montreal H2H 1L1
Distance: 0 miles
"Great service, Dr Gerard takes the time to inquire, find and explain symptoms and general information about your pet. Very satisfied :)"
1657 Rue Amherst
Montreal H2L 3L4
Distance: 0 miles
"Dre Tancelin est formidable. À chaque visite nous pouvons voir son grand amour des animaux."
8310 Rue Mayrand
Montreal H4P 2C9
Distance: 0 miles
"My time with this animal hospital was short and very sad I had to put my best friend down But the staff and the doctors were fantastic they made this ..."
127 Mont-Royal Ouest
Montreal H2T 2S9
Distance: 0 miles
"My dog was constantly in pain so I frequented this vet but the vet wasn't able to to give me any diagnostics even after spending so much money on the ..."
4051 Rue Ontario Est
Montreal H1W 1T3
Distance: 0 miles
"Ils mont fait perdre mon argent et surtout mon temps, puisque jaurais pu aller dans une autre clinique où les employés sont compétents!"
1830 Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal H3H 1E4
Distance: 0 miles
"Not only was I misquoted on the phone for a simple hair cut, I was then rudely treated by the veterinarian in charge. I got booked for a checkup when ..."
1567 Rue Fleury Est
Montreal H2C 1S7
Distance: 0 miles
"Sweet and gentle. Really understand the needs of a dog."
Chemin de la Cote-des-Neiges
Montreal H3V 1H2
Distance: 0 miles
"Took great care of my kitten and was very professional. Clean and very friendly atmosphere."
5931 Avenue de Lorimier
Montreal H2G 2P2
Distance: 0 miles
"très mauvaise expérience!! La secrétaire m’a très bien fait comprendre que je n’étais pas le bienvenu avec mon bébé de 3 mois... Une vétérinaire nous ..."
3488 Rue Hochelaga
Montreal H1W 1H5
Distance: 0 miles
"M Lord Vous êtes un vétérinaire exceptionnel! Et Très Rare! Vous aviez offert un service incroyable sans judgement et très empathique. Vous aviez re..."